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Newsletter 2018

May 29, 2018

Subject :

Free Advice on Optimising On-Site Automation

Technical Guide: Traceability Made Easy
Master your knowledge of traceability from our easy-to-understand guide:
·Achieving traceability with laser markers and code readers
·Traceability utilising peripheral equipment
·Basics of traceability networking with other products
Prevent the Release of Defective Products
Avoid measurement inaccuracies between operators and minimise the cost of product recalls. Learn about how displacement sensors can automate applications like:
·Outer/inner diameter inspection
·Thickness and height difference inspections
·Dimension and shape inspections
Minimise Time Spent on Dimensional Measurements
Perform dimensional measurements with the Image Dimensions Measurement System at incredible speeds and high measurement accuracy, and create measurement programmes with the help of virtual lines, points and circles.
How Digital Tech Improves on Metallurgical Microscopes
Learn how to eliminate common problems of metallurgical microscopes with a digital counterpart, including:
·Inadequate polishing of resin embedded samples: depth of field captures the entire field of view in focus
·Measurement of voids: array of on-screen measurement tools and particle analysis enhances analysis
·Unclear grain boundaries: high-resolution HDR function enables users to see boundaries clearly and precisely
Utilise Vision Systems to the Fullest of Their Potential
Master image processing from our illustrated vision know-how guide:
·How do you eliminate small amount of noise or emphasise small changes?
·How do you perform inspections that are not influenced by the background?
·How to allow anyone to quickly adjust focus and brightness
The Definitive Guide to Eliminating Static Adhesion
Use this technical guide to learn about the mechanisms and measures against adhesion caused by static electricity. KEYENCE offers investigation of static electricity at your site completely free.
Everything You Wanted to Know About 2D Code Verification
Learn about code verification standards and how your own processes can benefit from code reading:
·Solutions for 2D code verification
·Types of code verification standards including ISO 15416, ISO/IEC TR 29158
·Various code verification methods
What are the Latest Features of Safety Laser Scanners?
The SZ-V Laser Safety Scanner sets a new standard for the industry with a host of value-added features:
·Detachable Display Unit for remote operation
·Built-in Cameras for real-time video monitoring of detection area status

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