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          Newsletter 2018

          June 04, 2018

          Subject :

          Clever Tricks for Stabilising Visual Inspection for In-line Applications

          Proven Vision System Techniques for In-line Applications
          This guide contains our vision experts’ top tricks for making detection stable:
          ·Emphasising contrast differences using different illumination colours
          ·Removing diffuse reflections (glare)
          ·Detecting a specific wavelength range
          An Introduction to Laser Marking
          Laser technology is constantly evolving, so to help you keep up with the trends, we compiled this guide about the latest laser marking techniques including:
          ·Basics of oscillation principles
          ·Differences in oscillation methods
          ·Characteristics of different wavelengths
          Our Beginner's Guide to Sensors
          Mastering the basic principles of different sensor types can help to realise productivity gains and optimise efficiency. This guide covers a range of different sensors from factory automation to displacement sensors and their typical uses, helping you to identify the ideal device for your applications.
          Introduction to Injection Moulding & Measurement
          Moulded resin products can be created in a variety of complicated shapes, some of which require a large number of dimensional measurements. This guide covers the basics of injection moulding and the characteristics of typical instruments used to measure moulded resin parts.
          Want to Understand More about Digital Microscopes?
          This comprehensive set of guides was put together by our in-house experts, providing you with an insight into different areas of digital microscopy including:
          ·Illumination Methods (coaxial, diffuse and adjustable-angle lighting)
          ·Zoom lens and Image Sensor Characteristics
          ·Depth Composition and HDR Imaging
          Stably Detect ANY Changes in Appearance!
          The LR-W Series Sensor solves the widest range of applications of any KEYENCE sensors. Unmatched detecting capabilities allow users to identify presence/absence, differentiate products with only slight variations, detect registration marks and verify colour, all with a single, self-contained device.
          Industry 4.0, Traceability and Code Readers
          Read our guide to gain a better understanding about traceability and code readers and how they can help you to maintain a competitive edge by tracking and tracing products from any part of your production process.
          Which Static Eliminator Suits Your Application Best?
          Discover the full range of static eliminators and their typical applications to select the right solution for your requirements. Range includes:
          ·Spot type
          ·Blower type
          ·Bar type

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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