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          Newsletter 2018

          July 02, 2018

          Subject :

          Insights from Engineering Experts to Solve Your Applications

          Profile Measurement System for Precision Parts
          Compared to conventional systems such as shadowgraphs, measuring microscopes and similar tools, our innovative alternative, the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System:
          ·Takes measurements in seconds
          ·Works at a push of a button eliminating the need for specialist knowledge
          ·Automatically records measurement results
          How does Laser Marking work?
          Our experts have put together this informative guide for everyone who is interested in how laser technology works. Learn about the different type of lasers, structure of laser oscillators and applications laser markers can solve.
          Comprehensive Guides on Digital Microscopy Techniques
          If you would like to learn some top tips to improve your magnified observation, browse through our extensive set of guides and pick the one that is most beneficial to your analysis:
          ·Illumination techniques
          ·Zoom lens mechanisms and features
          ·Full-focus imaging and depth composition methods
          Find the Right Sensor for Your Application from our Beginner's Guide
          Understand the principles of different displacement sensors and choose the ideal one that suits your application. Find out how to solve thickness, height, step/height, width, eccentricity, profile and position measurements using this guide.
          What Issues can Barcode Readers Solve?
          Barcode readers are invaluable tools especially when it comes to traceability, code quality verification and data acquisition. Browse through our guide to learn about the different kinds of barcode readers such as camera type, laser type and handheld models to see how they can improve your on-site processes.
          Expert Vision System Techniques to Solve Any In-line Applications
          Stabilise your vision inspections with these expert tips from our guide:
          ·Emphasise contrast differences using different illumination colours
          ·Detect a specific wavelength range
          ·Remove diffuse reflections (glare)
          Have you seen our Safety Laser Scanner with a Built-in Camera?
          KEYENCE's SZ-V Safety Laser Scanner is the first to incorporate an integrated camera, enabling you to capture images or even videos when an object or person enters a protected area. The unit LCD screen can be detached, facilitating remote monitoring of the protected zone.
          Which Static Eliminator is Best Suited for your Application?
          This catalogue illustrates the different kinds of static eliminators such as bar, spot and blower type and discusses their strengths and weaknesses as well the applications they suit best.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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