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          Newsletter 2018

          September 03, 2018

          Subject :

          Our Top Picks for Inspection & Automation

          Achieve 100% Inspection in Seconds!
          100% can be hard to achieve with conventional measurement tools like shadowgraphs, hand calipers and micrometers. To eliminate these bottlenecks and increase productivity, KEYENCE created an instant metrology device allowing simultaneous inspection of up to 100 parts in seconds, with a simple 'Place & Press' operation.
          Transform Your Current Microscope with this Trick
          KEYENCE's Digital Microscope can be connected to any stereoscopic, metallurgical, biological or measuring microscope. This guide provides useful advice on how you can transform your existing microscopes, increase their versatility and add value to existing investments.
          Vision System Built on Customer Feedback
          Our vision system has been updated with new, easy-to-use functions based on real user feedback:
          ·Easily adjust existing setup for a new product line
          ·Optimise your settings to detect NG parts correctly and reduce waste
          ·Select the optimal inspection tool instantly, without the need for complicated programming
          Top Measurement Tips for Welded Parts
          Would you like to stabilise measurements on welded parts? This guide provides helpful guidance on how to improve welding quality with highly stable, blue laser measurement sensors which are unaffected by radiated light from red-hot metal surfaces.
          Kaizen Code Reader Examples for the Electronics Industry
          This kaizen guide illustrates code reading applications on electronic parts like PCB boards in order to help you improve yield rates, reduce device take time and remove glare when reading codes.
          Technical Guide: Traceability Made Easy
          Master your knowledge of traceability from our easy-to-understand guide:

          ·Achieving traceability with laser markers and code readers
          ·Traceability utilising peripheral equipment
          ·Basics of traceability networking with other products
          Unique Safety Laser Scanner with Built-in Camera
          Do you know what was in the detection zone of your safety scanner when it triggered? Discover how our system is capable of visualising the detection zone with a built-in camera, helping to analyse the causes of triggers and thus reducing unnecessary machine stoppage in the future.
          Solving Applications with a Vision Sensor Instead of Vision Systems?
          A vision sensor is a cheaper and easier alternative to a complex vision system. This guide provides handy tips on setting up a vision sensor including how to capture large images, make use of polarising filters and utilise digital zoom to perform multiple checks on your parts.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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