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          Newsletter 2018

          September 10, 2018

          Subject :

          Manufacturing Tips to Try before the End of Summer

          Want to know more about Laser Marking Technology?
          How do lasers work? What is the structure of laser oscillators? Browse through our illustrated laser technical guide to learn more about this technology and understand why it has become popular in recent years.
          10 Innovative Microscope Techniques to Check Out
          This helpful guide is essential for every microscope user: learn how to transform your analysis and inspections through handheld observation on targets that cannot fit under microscopes, free-angle observation for difficult-to-see targets and on-screen measurement functions to aid quality and R&D processes.
          Are Shadowgraphs and Micrometers slowing down your Inspections?
          Reducing inspection time is directly linked to improvements in manufacturing efficiency. Unlike conventional tools like shadowgraphs and micrometers, our instant metrology system is capable of taking measurements in seconds with a simple 'Place & Press' operation that anyone can perform without any prior training or experience.
          3 Minute Masterclass: Contact vs Non-contact Sensors
          Understand the differences between contact and non-contact measurement devices based on factors like measurement stability, application responsiveness, relative costs, and risks to pick the one best suited for your needs.
          Know-How Guide for Efficient Static Elimination
          Static clinging, clogging and adhesion can cause serious problems including equipment malfunction, fire and other health and safety risks for workers. To prevent these problems, browse through our guide providing real-life application examples of countermeasures against static electricity.
          What is 2D Code Verification?
          We put this document together to refresh your knowledge about changes in 2D code verification, types of verification standards and differences between ISO/IEC 15415 and ISO/IEC TR 29158.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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