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Newsletter 2018

September 17, 2018

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Don't Miss Out on the Latest Automation & Inspection Tricks

More Measurements, Less Labour
Tired of operating complicated shadowgraphs? The IM Series Instant Measurement System drastically reduces the time and labour needed to perform accurate measurements. Find out more about the simple 'Place & Press' operation and typical application examples with this guide.
Utilising Digital Microscopes in Cutting-Edge Research Facilities
Browse through this guide to discover innovative microscope observation techniques including free-angle observation, speedy image stitching and 3D profiling and measurements that are already being used in cutting edge research facilities.
Top Tips to Mark on Plastic and Resin
Our in-house experts share their top tips for high-quality laser marking on plastic and resin products:
·Contrast marking
·Mechanisms of resin colour development
·Laser light absorption rates for different materials
Want to Stabilise Measurements of Welded Parts?
This guide provides helpful advice on improving welding quality with an innovative, highly stable blue laser measurement sensor. It is unaffected by radiated light from red-hot metal surfaces, providing outstanding stability for measurement of weld seams and other similar inspections.
How to Start Implementing Traceability on Your Site
If you are unsure how to implement traceability on your site, KEYENCE provides a comprehensive support network to help you integrate marking and code reading solutions from start to finish:
·Designing specification for codes
·Selecting the suitable system for marking and reading
·Helping with hardware installation and maintenance
Want to Know what Triggered your Safety Laser Scanner?
Do you know what the cause was the last time your safety scanner false triggered? Learn more about how our system is capable of visualising the detection zone with a built-in camera, analyse the causes of false triggers and improve site efficiency by minimising unnecessary downtime.
Simplify OCR Inspections with These Tricks
Facilitate quality control, read 2D codes and unify image and data management with this useful OCR inspections guide which introduces features like:
·Simple setup allowing ease of use for anyone
·Built-in dictionary collation and sub-pattern registration
·Unique imaging capabilities for character recognition even on engraved parts
Accurate and Repeatable Measurements on any Surface Colour or Finish
The IL Series laser sensor can perform repeatable detection over a wide measurement range and communicate over Ethernet, Profinet and more. Discover how it solves applications like:
·Detection of tyre run-out
·Measurement of gasket thickness
·Position check of parts on robot arms

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