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          Newsletter 2018

          October 01, 2018

          Subject :

          IoT, Traceability, Industry 4.0 Solutions: Don't Miss Out!

          IoT Solutions for the Automotive Industry
          Browse through our handy guide introducing various sensor and IoT solutions that will help you to build a reliable traceability system, facilitate numerical management and develop predictive maintenance.
          Industry 4.0, IoT and Traceability Solutions
          KEYENCE can help you to realise your traceability needs on your site from code selection to data management. Discover from our insightful guide how we can help to transform your own manufacturing site:
          ·Wide range of marking and reading solutions
          ·Industry application examples
          ·KEYENCE's Support system for both Pre and Post-installation
          Speedy Measurements with Instant Metrology
          Would you like to increase the speed of dimensional measurements? Discover a device that is capable of inspecting parts in seconds by a push of a button. Data is managed automatically and can be instantly exported into customisable reports.
          Perform Particle Analysis with Outstanding Reliability
          Would you like to increase the reliability of particle analysis for contamination, porosity or emulsion observations? This comprehensive guide provides you with handy tips to improve your own analyses.
          How Best to Mark on Metal Surfaces
          This illustrated guide discusses the advantages of using laser markers for metal processing applications. Learn about:
          ·Metal printing process examples and principles
          ·Individual wavelength characteristics
          ·Absorption rate differences by material
          Multi-Spectrum Lighting to Solve Difficult Vision Applications
          Multi-spectrum lighting is an all-in-one illumination unit incorporating LEDs in 8 colours with high-speed image capturing. It provides outstanding imaging capabilities for even the most complicated inspections with:
          ·Difficult surface conditions due to colour, noise, pattern, gloss
          ·Ambient light including fluorescent and reflected light
          ·Varying positions of target
          Do you know what triggered your Safety Laser Scanner?
          Visualise the detection zone with our safety laser scanner equipped with a unique, built-in camera. It will help you analyse the cause of triggers and thus reduce unnecessary machine stoppage and boost productivity.
          What are the Advantages of Laser Profilometers?
          Learn more about profilometers and their usefulness across a range of measurement and surface inspections:
          ·What is a profile measurement system?
          ·What measurements can you perform with profilometers?
          ·What advantages can KEYENCE offer over conventional systems?

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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