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          Newsletter 2018

          October 29, 2018

          Subject :

          Secret Manufacturing Techniques You Haven't Seen Before

          Would you like to improve your Quality Control or R&D Processes?
          We asked our customers about how they get the most out of their digital microscopes to improve their quality and R&D processes on site. This guide introduces their case studies from the automotive, electronics and metal industries.
          Learn more about Camera-Assisted Marking!
          Do you know what the added value of having a camera in your laser marker is? It helps you to achieve high quality marking with:
          ·Auto focus: ensure clear marking on products of various heights
          ·Marking Confirmation function: prevents defective marking being sent to the next process
          ·Reading of marked codes: checks quality of codes and simplifies traceability
          Become a Machine Vision Pro with This Course!
          Master the basics of Machine Vision and Image Processing under the guidance of our inspection experts, including:
          ·Camera & Lens Selection
          ·Illumination Selection & Settings
          ·Detection Judgments
          Benchtop Metrology Device for 2.5D Measurements
          Our new benchtop metrology device allows any user to easily program parts, take 2D and step height measurements with one push of a button and automatically create inspection reports. Its compact design makes transportation easy for quick checks next to the production line or in the quality department.
          Boost your Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Site!
          This guide introduces helpful application examples from the electric car industry and provides innovative tips and techniques to progress your site and meet the increasing demand in the market.
          Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
          How do you perform measurements without contact or errors caused by the tilt of the target? Browse through this guide to find out more about solving these problems with:
          ·Non-contact measurement techniques
          ·Slant Adjustment functionality
          ·High-speed sampling
          Code Reader Troubleshooting Guide
          If you ever had issues with code reading performance, varying code positions or long reading distances, browse through our guide for handy tips on how to:
          ·Improve takt time and eliminate product loss
          ·Reduce the number of code readers required and save time on batch readings
          ·Read accurately even at long ranges and increase productivity
          Advanced Light Curtain with Smart Settings
          The GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain delivers a highly reliable and durable solution for all manufacturing sites. It is equipped with smart features like eliminated dead zone at the top and bottom, narrow and recessed lens surface to protect against damage and simplified wiring to match any safety requirements.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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