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          Newsletter 2018

          November 12, 2018

          Subject :

          Solve the Latest Electronic Vehicle Applications and More

          Guide to Solve the Latest Electric Vehicle Applications
          In the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market, KEYENCE products are being used in a variety of applications.
          This guide introduces examples grouped by key parts for electric vehicles:
          ·Assembly position accuracy and appearance difference checks
          ·Height measurements of moving and rotating targets
          ·Height checks in screw tightening processes
          Get the Most Out of Laser Markers in the Automotive Industry
          Browse through our automotive application guide to learn how laser marking technology can help your own processes with:
          ·Prevention of improper marking and simplified product changeover
          ·Data management in traceability systems
          ·Quality control management for 2D code marking
          Microscope Summary Guide to the Latest Observation Techniques
          Enrich your knowledge about microscopes from our comprehensive guide which contains various magnified observation techniques including:
          ·Zoom lens types and characteristics
          ·Lighting Techniques (HDR, diffuse and polarised lighting)
          ·Real-time 3D imaging and measurement
          Safety Laser Scanner with Built-In Camera
          The SZ-V Safety Laser Scanner is equipped with innovative features that provide safety and productivity in one device:
          ·Protection over a wide area of 8.4 m with strong defence against dust and mist
          ·Built-in camera with LCD monitor to visualise the detection zone and prevent accidental entry of workers
          ·Easy configuration with Drawing Assist function to set the desired detection zone
          Maximise Output with Our Automated Shadowgraph
          The Image Dimension Measurement System is capable of transforming dimensional measurements previously performed by shadowgraphs, calipers and measuring microscopes. All you need to do is put a part on the stage, press a single button and the IM Series will provide you with instant measurement results in seconds.
          Added Value Code Reader Solutions
          This guide is going to help you to solve even the most challenging code reading applications and ensure improved productivity on-site through:
          ·Reduced cycle time: reading codes without having to stop the conveyor belt
          ·Eliminated product loss: reading even low-contrast and discoloured codes
          ·Reduced equipment costs: reading multiple codes in one go
          Utilise Vision Systems to the Fullest of Their Potential
          Master image processing from our illustrated vision know-how guide:
          ·How do you eliminate small amount of noise or emphasise small changes?
          ·How do you perform inspections that are not influenced by the background?
          ·How to allow anyone to quickly adjust focus and brightness
          What are the Advantages of Laser Profilometers?
          Learn more about profilometers and their usefulness across a range of measurement and surface inspections:
          ·What is a profile measurement system?
          ·What measurements can you perform with profilometers?
          ·What advantages can KEYENCE offer over conventional systems?

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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