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          Newsletter 2018

          December 03, 2018

          Subject :

          8 Tools to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

          Why Select Laser Profile Measurement Systems for Inline Inspection?
          Learn more about profilometers and their usefulness across a range of measurement and appearance inspections:
          ·What is a profile measurement system?
          ·What measurements can you perform with profilometers?
          ·What advantages can KEYENCE offer over conventional systems?
          Instant Metrology with Step Height Measurements
          The new IM Instant Measurement Device is capable of performing measurements in seconds with the push of a button whilst automatically generating reports in the background. Step-height measurements are also possible on any part thanks to the new touch probe with ±2 µm repeatability.
          Microscope Techniques to Transform R&D and Quality
          Browse through our application-packed microscopy guide which will help you to improve your magnified observations:
          ·Free-angle observation for hard-to-reach targets
          ·3D imaging and fast image stitching to see surface defects better
          ·Fully-focused imaging without any user adjustments
          How to Achieve Traceability with Marking and Reading Solutions
          Read our guide illustrating the importance of traceability and how you can implement it at your site with the help of high quality marking and reliable reading solutions:
          ·Achieve improved product quality and reduce the number of recalls
          ·Learn about marking and reading applications
          ·Discover the advantages of having a single supplier of tracking and traceability devices
          High Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor with Flexible Mounting
          Our digital contact sensor is built with linear ball bearings and stainless steel construction making this sensor lightweight, whilst providing an exceptionally long service life. KEYENCE also offers a wealth of probe types in hand with various mounting brackets enabling customers to select models that match their needs the best.
          Everything You Need to Know about Laser Marking
          Lasers can be an invaluable tool across a variety of industries, but without knowing their range of capabilities it can be difficult to utilise them to their full potential. Learn about laser terminology such as pulse oscillation and gain a better understanding of how it might help your processes.
          Smart Safety Light Curtains with Easy Set Up
          The GL-R Safety Light Curtain can be swiftly installed and its rugged metal housing is designed to increase service life and minimise downtime:
          ·Programmable muting
          ·Simplified wiring and setup
          ·Built-in LED alignment assistance
          Pro Image Processing Techniques for Automotive
          Read through our guide illustrating pro image processing techniques and application examples from the automotive industry. It will help you to improve your processes including:
          ·Presence/Type discrimination inspection
          ·Appearance inspection
          ·Positioning/Alignment Inspection

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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