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          Newsletter 2019

          January 02, 2019

          Subject :

          Secrets for Cost and Time Reduction On-Site

          Achieve 100% Inspection within Seconds!
          100% inspection can be difficult to achieve with conventional metrology devices, causing major bottlenecks in inspection which limit productivity. The IM Instant Measurement Device allows simultaneous measurement of over 90 parts with a simple 'Place & Press' operation and automatic data management.
          Perform Particle Analysis with Outstanding Reliability
          Would you like to increase the reliability of particle analysis for contamination, porosity or emulsion observations? This comprehensive guide provides you with handy tips to improve your own analyses.
          Can Laser Markers Perform Marking and Reading at the Same Time?
          Work that was conventionally performed with separate devices, such as the marking and reading of codes, is now possible with a single device. The MD-X Laser Marker's built-in, multi-functional camera can check marked images, characters, barcodes and easily perform comparisons.
          How can a Blue Laser Facilitate Measurement Applications?
          KEYENCE's LJ-V laser profiler boasts 5 unique features, including its distinctive blue laser, that enable it to capture more reliable, higher accuracy measurements than conventional devices - and all at record-breaking speeds. Download our technical brochure for more.
          Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Vol. 4
          Our Machine Vision Engineering Team has shared their specialist knowledge for this guide. Download to find out:
          ·How you can perform stable detection of printed character even if the state of the characters changes
          ·How you can detect subtle surface colour changes
          Innovative Applications of Code Readers in your Industry
          This helpful guide illustrates the various applications of code readers across multiple industries. Learn about:
          ·Code Reader Types (camera and laser based)
          ·Various Industry Applications (Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Food & Pharma)
          ·KEYENCE's Support System for both Pre- and Post-installation
          Safety Light Curtains with Smart Functions
          Browse through our helpful guide to find out more about the GL-R Safety Light Curtain which is equipped with a host of value added features:
          ·Easy installation and programmable muting
          ·Rugged metal housing and simplified wiring system
          ·Built-in LED alignment assistance
          Contact Sensors with Extreme Durability and Service Life
          The GT2 Contact Sensor is easy to use, accurate to 1 μm and its rugged construction ensures an outstandingly long service life up to 200 million measurements. Use our data sheets to find the perfectly fitted sensor head for your application.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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