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          Newsletter 2019

          January 21, 2019

          Subject :

          New Technologies for Increasing Automation on Your Site

          Simplify Vision Programming and Setup
          Have a look through our guide introducing a versatile solution for traditionally complicated vision programming.
          The Auto-Teach Inspection Tool uses a combination of accumulated good images to judge the quality of subsequent parts without requiring adjustments to individual inspection tools.
          Tips for Semiconductor and Automotive Offline Inspections
          [Semiconductor and Automotive Editions]
          Browse through our helpful guides containing tips for magnified inspections. Learn how the handheld observation mode, 2D and 3D image stitching and profiling as well as free-angle observation and contamination analysis can improve quality checks.
          Take Dimensional Measurements with a Click of a Button!
          The Instant Measurement System makes it possible to inspect dimensions of parts easily, within seconds. Examples range from high precision metal samples to plastic moulded parts and even complicated measurements can be performed immediately with no specialised knowledge.
          Reduce Reading Errors Even on Damaged Codes
          Learn how to improve efficiency and reduce code reading errors from our handy guide:
          ·High-speed, stable hand-held reading of 1D and 2D codes
          ·User friendly operation and easy configuration
          ·Reading of discoloured or damaged codes during processing or assembly
          What are the Advantages of Laser Processing?
          Are you doing cutting, boring or welding on your site? Discover the benefits of laser marker processing and how they can help improve efficiency.
          The Latest Electric Vehicle Application Guide
          The electric vehicle industry is a rapidly expanding market and to keep up with the latest trends we put together a helpful guide. Browse through it for the latest electric vehicle application examples and the range of products that was used to solve them:
          ·Battery related applications
          ·Motor and inverter applications
          ·High voltage parts related applications
          Safety Laser Scanner with Remote Monitoring
          The unique SZ-V Safety Laser Scanner offers real-time monitoring of the customisable protection zone thanks to its built-in camera and detachable monitor unit. This could be mounted even 20 m away from the main unit, helping you to identify the cause of false triggers and reduce undesired machine stoppage.
          What are the Advantages of Laser Displacement Sensors?
          Learn about the advantages of laser displacement sensors for dispenser coating process applications:
          ·Perform inline, 100% inspections
          ·Check the height, width, and volume of adhesives
          ·Improving inspection cycle time and quality

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.