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          Newsletter 2019

          January 28, 2019

          Subject :

          Latest Advancements and Ideas for Manufacturing Automation

          Measure Parts in Seconds with our 2D Metrology System
          Learn about a completely new metrology device that helps you to drastically reduce measurement times. The IM Series Instant Measurement System inspects parts in seconds by a push of a button, ensuring consistent measurement results regardless of the experience level of the user.
          New Vision System Functions Based on Customer Feedback
          Our vision system has been updated with new, easy-to-use functions that were developed based on real user feedback.
          ·Installation replication function: quickly adjusts existing setup for a new production line
          ·Tool adjustment navigation: optimises your settings to detect NG parts correctly and reduce waste
          ·Tool catalogue: helps to select the optimal tool instantly, without the need for complicated programming
          Direct Marking on Resin and Plastic
          Our in-house experts pulled their top tips together about direct part marking on plastic and resin products including:
          ·Contrast marking
          ·Mechanisms of resin colour development
          ·Laser light absorption rates for different materials
          Master Your Microscopy Knowledge with this All-in-One Guide
          This guide presents interesting digital microscopy techniques for everyone, covering the basics all the way up to advanced functions including:
          ·Real-time 3D imaging and measurements
          ·Illumination techniques including coaxial, diffuse and polarisation
          ·Zoom lens characteristics and mechanics
          IoT & Industry 4.0: Code Reading Applications by Industry
          This guide provides essential information on how KEYENCE code readers can help implement traceability and achieve Industry 4.0 readiness, in the:
          ·Automotive and automotive parts industry
          ·Electrical and electronic device industry
          ·Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
          Accurate Measurements on Any Surface Colour or Finish
          The IL Series Laser Sensor is capable of performing stable measurements on various surface finishes with a repeatability of 1um. Its small, rugged head fits into the tightest spaces to solve applications like measurement of gasket thickness, detection of tyre runout and position check of parts on robot arms.
          Light Curtain with Durable Recessed Lens
          The most common cause of damage to light curtains is due to scratches and cracks on the lens surface from physical impact. KEYENCE created the GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain with a narrowly exposed lens area with IP65/IP67 enclosure rating to ensure durability even in the toughest environments.
          Why Engineers Switch from Hand Calipers to Non-contact Measurement Systems
          If you are a hand caliper or micrometer user, you might find this guide useful on the advantages of non-contact measurement systems over conventional tools:
          ·Reduced inspection time and improved efficiency
          ·Non-destructive measurement
          ·Eliminated operator error

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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