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          Newsletter 2019

          May 07, 2019

          Subject :

          Kaizen and Productivity Guides from our Engineers

          Kaizen Guide for Vision Applications
          Browse through our kaizen guide put together by our engineers and learn how you can:
          ·Stabilise complicated vision inspections
          ·Search inspection and image data more efficiently
          ·Determine the fundamental root cause of quality issues with ease
          Advantages of Laser Marking on Metal
          Our in-house experts put together this guide about various metal marking processes including laser marking:
          ·Illustrating compatibilities between different types of metals and markings
          ·Detailing laser marking examples by material
          ·Checking of code quality
          Key Considerations When Upgrading your Measurement System
          If you are thinking about upgrading your shadowgraph or measurement microscope, browse through our informative guide. It contains customer interviews about how the IM Series Instant Measurement System helped them to improve product quality, reduce inspection time and ease reporting.
          Tips for Justifying a Larger Capex Request
          We gathered customer feedback to see what helped our clients to justify a large capital expenditure when buying a microscope:
          ·Breakdown of cost savings
          ·Efficiency improvements
          ·Unique microscope features that facilitate inspections
          What Are the Advantages of Profilometers?
          Our engineers put together this guide to answer some of the questions about how laser profilometers can improve your measurement applications:
          ·How does a profile measurement system work?
          ·What measurements can you perform with laser profilometers?
          ·What advantages can KEYENCE offer over conventional systems?
          Traceability Improvement Guide for the Automotive Industry
          Traceability is an important process for the automotive industry in particular. This article contains information on implementing traceability solutions, including how to trace products during production, using KEYENCE code readers and laser markers.
          Eliminate Static Build-Up Effortlessly
          Browse through our guide explaining how static electricity is generated, what causes static charging and the solutions available to eliminate static cling quickly and efficiently.
          Fibre Optic Sensor Guide: Calibration, Tips and Troubleshooting
          This guide shares tips to help you get the most out of your fibre optic sensors. Learn calibration tricks, thrubeam model setup and troubleshooting suggestions from the document below.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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