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          Newsletter 2019

          May 28, 2019

          Subject :

          Automation Solutions for your Manufacturing Site

          Achieve Superior Marking on Metal Surfaces
          This illustrated guide discusses the advantages of using laser markers for metal processing applications. Learn about:
          ·Metal printing process examples and principles
          ·Individual wavelength characteristics
          ·How absorption rate can differ by material
          Adding Value to your Manufacturing Line with Code Readers
          Discover how code readers can add value to the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. They can be the key to reducing cycle times, equipment costs and line stoppages as well as shortening changeover times.
          Achieve More Accurate Step Measurements with Ease
          How do you perform measurements without contact or errors caused by the tilt of the target? Browse through this guide to find out more about solving these problems with:
          ·Non-contact measurement techniques
          ·Slant Adjustment functionality
          ·High-speed sampling
          Ensure Stable Operation With KEYENCE's Flexible Lighting Options for Vision Systems!
          Multi-Spectrum lighting meets various image capture conditions that cannot be met with a single light! This lighting unit can be used to automate even the most difficult of visual inspections.
          Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
          The GL-R Series Light Curtain is designed with a recessed lens surface, securely protecting the device from any physical impact on the shop floor. It is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation and durability even in harsh manufacturing environments and has an improved, simplified setup for ease of use.
          Find More Effective Ways to Use Your Existing Optical Microscopes
          Just connect KEYENCE's latest digital microscope to your existing optical microscopes to gain use of the latest functions such as 2D dimensional measurement, focus depth composition, and wide area field of view composition!
          Introducing Detection Techniques That Are Only Possible With an Ultra-Compact Vision Sensor
          Do you ever come across difficult detections that cause bottlenecks while using vision sensors? This guide introduces advanced detection techniques that are only possible with the KEYENCE IV Series.
          Using High Quality Inspections to Decrease Costs
          This product can be used to dramatically cut costs such as inspection-associated labour costs, disposal loss due to missed inspections, and the analysis required when defective products are released. This guide introduces KEYENCE's innovative measurement system that enables anyone to perform inspections quickly and accurately.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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