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          Newsletter 2019

          June 03, 2019

          Subject :

          Ahead of the Curve Automation Advice

          Instant Precision Measurements at the Click of a Button
          The IM Series Instant Measurement System enables users to increase productivity effortlessly on their site: this device is capable of performing inspections in seconds, even on complex shapes where hard-to-reach height and inner radius measurements may be required. Download the technical information below to find out more.
          Take Your Magnified Observations to the Next Level
          Our in-house microscopy experts compiled the following set of documents to help you enhance your magnified observations and inspections:
          ·Imaging technologies and zoom lens types
          ·Observation techniques and high dynamic range colour functions
          ·Illumination methods including polarisation, diffuse and adjustable angle lighting
          5 Reasons to Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          Would you like to know why so many engineers are switching to non-contact measurement systems? Read our quick guide to find out more about achieving:
          ·Reduced inspection time and improved efficiency
          ·Non-destructive measurements and inspection of soft workpieces with high accuracy
          ·Eliminated operator error
          10 Minute Image Processing Guide: Lighting Edition
          Polish your knowledge about vision lens types and lighting techniques from our quick guide, summarising:
          ·Diffuse and specular reflections
          ·Example applications using ring lights, bar lights and dome lights
          ·OCR mechanism and example applications
          Why is Traceability Crucial?
          When quality issues and product recalls occur, traceability systems serve as a powerful tool to track the faulty part back through the manufacturing process. This helpful guide explains:
          ·The concept and importance of Traceability
          ·Difference between Chain and Internal Traceability
          ·Efficient Traceability Solutions
          Industry 4.0: How Code Reading Applies to Your Industry
          This guide provides essential information on how KEYENCE code readers can help implement traceability and achieve Industry 4.0 readiness, in the:
          ·Automotive and automotive parts industry
          ·Electrical and electronic device industry
          ·Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
          Safety Light Curtains Made Simple
          The GL-R Safety Light Curtain sets a new standard with advanced features such as:
          ·One-line wiring system for reduced installation time and simplified maintenance
          ·Narrowed and recessed lens area in an impact resistant housing to protect against damage
          ·No dead zone, eliminating the need for guarding outside mounting
          High-Accuracy Contact Sensor with Outstanding Durability
          The seamless steel construction and linear ball bearings make this sensor lightweight while providing an exceptionally long service life with:
          ·Measurement accuracy down to 1 μm
          ·Watertight and oil resistant housing complying with NEMA Type 13 and IP67G standards
          ·Advanced connectivity supporting a variety of communication standards for both PC and PLC

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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