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          Newsletter 2019

          October 21, 2019

          Subject :

          Revolutionary New Technology & Inspiring Techniques

          Marking Tips to Make Traceability Easy
          Improve on-site traceability with 2D and 3D codes. Click for more information on the known-how required for performing high quality marking for traceability applications.
          Revolutionary Techniques for Sheet, Film, and Glass Thickness Measurement
          Do you use contact sensors, calipers and micrometers for thickness measurements? Learn about the advantages of the new
          CL Series ultra-compact, multi-colour laser coaxial displacement sensor over conventional methods.
          What Challenging Applications can you solve with Digital Microscopes?
          We interviewed customers from various fields to discover what applications they have solved with the VHX Digital Microscope. Real-life examples include observation of chemical samples, surface analysis of moulded parts, foreign body analysis on pharmaceutical samples and many more.
          Benchtop Metrology Device for 2D and Height Measurements
          Our new benchtop metrology device allows any user to easily program parts, take 2D and step height measurements with one push of a button and automatically create inspection reports. Its compact design makes transportation easy for quick checks next to the production line or in the quality department.
          Achieving Industry 4.0 and Traceability with Code Readers
          Code readers have a crucial role in serialisation and industry 4.0 projects. Browse through our helpful guide to see how the latest code readers can benefit your own processes with capabilities like the reading of multiple codes from a long range, over a large area, even on a moving conveyor belt.
          Easy-To-Use Vision System with Auto-Teach Function
          Variations in good parts could be hard to account for and sometimes require extensive programing when it comes to more difficult inspections. With the CV-X Series Vision System you can run just 30 good parts through the auto-teach function to rapidly setup your inspection criteria.
          Reduce your Costs with Static Eliminators!
          Browse through our guide to learn how static eliminators can help you to reduce costs by preventing:
          ·Adhesion of foreign particles during transportation and assembly
          ·Static charge before PCB coating and post-forming painting
          ·Jamming of feeder bowls on the production line
          Robust Light Curtain with Extreme Durability
          The most common damage to light curtains is to the exposed lens surface which can get scratched and hit easily. The GL-R Light Curtain was designed for the toughest environments with a recessed and protected lens surface, preventing the lens from physical impact therefore ensuring a long service life and reduced maintenance costs.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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