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          Newsletter 2019

          November 04, 2019

          Subject :

          8 Unique Solutions to Tough Applications

          Unique Functions to Solve Difficult Microscope Applications
          Handheld Observation of large samples, Automated Particle Analysis and Non-Contact 3D Surface Measurement are just a few of the unique features that enable VHX Series Microscope users to tackle the trickiest of applications.
          Stable Lighting for the Toughest Machine Vision Applications
          Ever had problems with failed inspections due to gloss, varying target positions or ambient lighting? KEYENCE's LumiTrax™ lighting system allows stable, high-speed detection unaffected by colour, pattern, noise or gloss.
          Measurement of High Mix Production Made Easy!
          The Automatic Measurement features of the IM Series Measurement System allow instant measurement of any parts placed on the stage. Once saved, these measurements enable automatic part recognition for fast, easy operation.
          Laser Markers with Unique Multi-functional Camera
          MD-X Series Hybrid Laser Markers incorporate a built-in camera, aiding the measurement of distance to the target, the display of the marking target, the inspection of marked characters and the reading of marked codes.
          Code Reader with Easy Configuration
          The SR-G Wireless Handheld Code Reader is not only capable of unprecedented high-speed reading, but optimal settings can also be easily configured without using a PC.
          Coaxial Laser Displacement Sensor for Any Space and Surface
          The new CL-3000 Series features a line-up of ultra-compact sensor heads enabling installation in tight spaces and difficult in-line applications. It also provides highly stable and accurate results even on uneven and rough surfaces.
          Do-it-All Durable Laser Sensor
          The LR-Z Series Laser Sensor is capable of stably detecting on uneven, dark, metal, shiny or even rough surfaces over 500 mm. Its stainless steel housing offers a reliable protection even in areas of heavy dust build up and wash down.
          Solved Automotive Measurement Applications
          The IL Series Measurement Sensor has been used to tackle a wide variety of automotive industry applications, including detection of weld seams, tyre runout and gasket thickness checks.

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