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Newsletter 2020

April 14, 2020

Subject :

The World's FIRST 4K Microscope

Now Available: VHX-7000 Digital Microscope
KEYENCE is proud to announce the debut of the world's first 4K microscope. Trusted by 20,000 organisations worldwide, the VHX-7000 enables observation and imaging with a resolution so high that it rivals that of an SEM.
Highly Accurate Colour Sensor: Stable Detections of Visual/Colour Differences
1. Stable detections of colour differences.
Stable detections are possible even with minor colour changes such as colours in the same group and colour differences on metal.
2. KEYENCE's lineup of sensors suits any situation.
Many variations are available: long distance models, small models, and fibre extension models.
[New Product] The Newest Vision System
A vision system that uses a brand-new image capturing method has been officially launched! Contour capture mode ensures stable detection of low-contrast and translucent targets. Stability is greater than ever, take a look today.
Traceability: Marking and Reading Solutions
Unify traceability standards and mitigate the risk of code reading problems. Learn the advantages of implementing traceability systems, and having a single supplier for tracking and traceability devices with our example applications.
Significantly Improve your Productivity with Instant Measurement
Measuring parts at the beginning of production process can take time, preventing production from starting on time. With KEYENCE's IM Series, measurement of 99 points in just 3 seconds is as simple as placing the target and pressing a button.
A Contact Sensor for Every Application
Offering a wide variety of head types and numerous mounting brackets, the GT Series Contact Sensor enables multi-point measurements from any direction.
New! Examples of Laser Marking on Electric Vehicles
Ever wondered what laser marking is used for on electric vehicles? This guide provides detailed explanations from 22 of the latest marking applications for Electric Vehicle manufacturing processes.
Non-contact Profile Measurement Proposals and Example Installations
With KEYENCE's latest technology, this laser profiler can perform profile measurements of height difference, width, and more with ultra-high resolution regardless of the target's material and shape. This guide introduces examples of the laser profiler in use, such as performing inline 100% inspection and offline sample inspection.

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