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Newsletter 2020

April 20, 2020

Subject :

Customer Feedback: How our Products Deliver Improvements

Considering Marking for Traceability?
Our free guidebook covers the key information around marking, reading, and data management using lasers, as well as details on the necessary peripheral equipment and system configuration examples to use them for traceability.
Customer Testimonial: 'Microscopes Improved Our Profits!
Straight from the voice of our customers, learn how the introduction of microscopes can deliver improvements to your bottom line.
[New] Measure Targets up to 300 mm, No Program Required!
The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System allows you to identify measurement points and perform dimension checks, even without writing a program! Contact us for a no obligation demo on your own samples.
Achieve More Accurate Profile Measurements with Ease
How do you perform measurements without contact or errors caused by the tilt of the target? Read through our solutions, including non-contact measurement techniques, stray light control function and single shot HDR function.
Simplify your Vision Inspections
Maximise the detection capabilities of your vision system with tips from our in-house experts. Eliminate the influence of uneven lighting and glare, stabilise colour-component exclusion and eliminate the influence of background characters.
Make More Effective Use of 2D Codes
Learn more about the basic principles behind 2D Codes and best practice for their use with our 2 Volume 'Best Practice of 2D Codes' guide. Download and check out your own personal copy here for free.
Advantages of Installing SJ Series Static Eliminators
Read about the advantages of implementing the KEYENCE SJ Series Static Eliminator, which has received rave reviews all over the world. Our customers share, in their own words, why they opted to install our Static Eliminators.
Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
The GL-R Series Light Curtain is designed with a recessed lens surface, securely protecting the device from any physical impact on the shop floor. It is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation in harsh environments.

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