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Newsletter 2020

May 18, 2020

Subject :

Tips on Improving Efficiency by Saving Time & Costs

Improve Efficiency with the Optical Shadow Effect Mode
KEYENCE proudly present the World's First ever 4K Digital Microscope! Its new Optical Shadow Effect Mode can capture images in full-colour that rival those of an SEM at the fraction of the time, enabling simple detection of even minute surface defects.
Automate Reporting - Improve Efficiency
Improve customer confidence by delivering fully transparent and easy to read inspection reports. With the IM Series Measurement System, customised inspection reports can be created and exported instantly. Read more below!
New Application Guide for Medical Device Marking
Using installation examples, we explore the advantages of Laser Technology to meet the improved chromogenic properties and low product damage criteria for marking on medical devices such as scalpels, syringes and catheters.
Reduce Costs with a Vision System!
See how vision systems are being used to help reduce costs in a wide variety of industries. This guide is a must-read for anyone looking to decrease costs!
Kaizen Code Reader Guide for Automotive
Solve a variety of automotive applications with the help of our unique code readers. With code verification, auto-focus and a wide-field of view, our code readers can reduce costs and drastically improve takt time.
Achieve More Accurate Step Measurements with Ease
Read how the latest non-contact measurement techniques and technology can perform inspections without errors induced by target tilt, with Slant Adjustment Functionality and Ultra High-Speed Sampling.
Robust Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
The durable GL-R Series Light Curtain is designed with a recessed lens surface, securely protecting it from any physical impact on the shop floor. It is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation in harsh environments.
Prevent Sensor Malfunctions, Reduce Costs, Improve Yields
Troubleshoot problems with sensor malfunctions, boost productivity and improve yields using Laser Measurement Sensors. Discover possible improvements for your processes with our comprehensive guide.

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