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Newsletter 2020

May 26, 2020

Subject :

Everything you Need to Know to Deal with Static Problems

The Handbook with Everything You Need to Know to Troubleshoot Static Electricity Problems
Static electricity, which causes various problems, is constantly present in factories due to the large numbers of people, devices, and materials that move from place to place. Static electricity is invisible, and its countermeasures are difficult to implement. This handbook covers everything from static electricity basics to applications.
Is your Laser Marker Safety to Standard?
Find out with up to date information and guidance about laser safety standards and examples of building safety systems. This guide is a must-read for anybody responsible for laser marking or site safety.
Instant Calculation of Statistics Such as Cp and Cpk (Process Capability Indices)
Have you ever had difficulty evaluating process capability indices while launching or inspecting products? With the IM Series, just place and press to calculate these values instantly.
Non-contact Sheet/Steel Material Thickness Measurement
The CL-3000 Series from KEYENCE can be installed easily and can perform measurements with high accuracy, eliminating human error and bottlenecks common in processes that use conventional measurement systems. It also solves the problem of profile measurements with subtle thicknesses and the initial costs of using beta ray/x ray measurement methods.
Press twice and you're done!
CMOS Detection Sensor
Do-it-all with LR-Z Series
・Empowered with metallic housing
・Exellent angular characteristics
・Easy setup with a sharp laser spot
Improvement Examples Using Code Readers
Take advantage of tips for reducing labor and improving efficiency in food, medicine, and cosmetics industry processes!
A Compilation of the Latest Digital Microscope Observation and Application Examples from 12 Industries
This guide introduces the latest observation and application examples from 12 industries, including the automotive, electrical/electronic, and food/medicine industries. Use this guide to check out examples and improvement strategies in various industries.
Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Perfect Vision System!
Image processing systems come in a variety of combinations of cameras, lenses, and lighting, but each combination is designed for a reason. This guide provides tips and tricks to ensure you select the right vision system.

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