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          Newsletter 2020

          June 29, 2020

          Subject :

          How to Improve Efficiency: Industry Application Solutions

          Digital Microscope Success Stories
          The VHX Series is used by over 20,000 companies around the world. But in what industries, which departments, and how has it helped improve their inspection processes? Read our success stories from a wide range of industries.
          Finding the Right Stand for your Laser Marker
          When laser-marking your products it is absolutely essential to choose the right peripheral equipment to optimise marking conditions. Read more for a list of stand types categorised by application.
          Achieve High Quality Manufacturing with Fast Measurement
          In high-speed manufacturing, ensuring quality can keep pace is a challenge.
          The IM Series Instant Measurement System provides the perfect solution: Simply place, press and obtain micrometer-level measurements in 3 seconds.
          What are the Advantages of Laser Profilers?
          Learn more about laser profilers and their uses across a range of measurement and surface inspections. Learn what a profile measurement system is, the measurements it can perform, and the advantages of KEYENCE technology.
          Traceability: Marking and Reading Solutions
          Unify traceability standards and mitigate the risk of code reading problems. Learn the advantages of implementing traceability systems and having a single supplier for tracking and traceability devices through our sample applications.
          Introducing the Latest Image-Processing Applications!
          See below for the latest applications and discover how machine vision has helped to reduce costs in the manufacturing process. Examples include applications from the automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.
          Improve Site Safety with this Laser Scanner
          The SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner is equipped with a detachable monitor unit allowing users to operate the device from a remote, convenient location, whilst the built-in camera provides real-time video visibility of the detection area.
          Using Laser Sensors...The Right Way!
          Ever wondered if there is a right and wrong way to use laser sensors? Use our helpful guide shows you how to avoid common errors, prevent false detections and get the most from your sensors.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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