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Newsletter 2020

July 13, 2020

Subject :

Key Product Solutions to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Digital Microscopy, now in 4K
The VHX Series Digital Microscope, used by 20,000 companies globally for its versatility, 4K imaging, and measurement and inspection capabilities. This microscope has impressive resolution and operability with maximum on-screen magnification of 6000x.
The Future of Non-Contact Measurement
Learn all about our latest Confocal Displacement Sensor and how you can improve your efficiency on site.
Place, Press, Measure
Just place and press to perform non-contact image dimension measurements and simultaneously capture step-height measurements using a contact probe. Measurement is possible across a wide range of products and materials.
How to utilise 2D codes more efficiently
Learn more about the basic principles behind 2D Codes and best practice for their use with our 'Best Practice of 2D Codes' guide. Download our catalogue for more information.
Deploying a Reliable Machine Vision System
These days, image processing systems are vital in automating manufacturing processes. All over the world, people are raving about the image processing systems that KEYENCE has developed with a focus on ease-of-use.
Why Is 2D Code Marking on Products Increasing?
In recent years, there has been a sudden increase in the management of 2D codes on products. This guide provides a detailed explanation of everything from the significance of 2D codes to know-how on marking codes with lasers.
Do-it-All Durable Laser Sensor
The LR-Z Series is capable of stable detection on uneven, dark, metal, shiny or even rough surfaces over 500 mm. Its stainless steel housing offers reliability in areas of heavy dust build up and wash down.
A Collection of KEYENCE's Latest Difference Checking Sensors That Can Perform Management with Numeric Values
KEYENCE has released contact sensors that can perform batch management of measured data with various types of communication. Traceability can be implemented with simplified wiring.

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