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Newsletter 2020

September 01, 2020

Subject :

Why are Customers Abandoning Traditional Measurement Methods?

Customer Testimonials: Reasons for Choosing KEYENCE’s Image Dimension Measurement System
Ever wondered why customers are choosing KEYENCE’s image dimension measurement system over conventional measurement methods? Read through actual testimonials from representatives of manufacturers who chose to adopt the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System.
Improvement Examples Using Code Readers
Take advantage of tips for reducing labor and improving efficiency in food, medicine, and cosmetics industry processes!
Combine Safety & Productivity
Safety light curtain designed for any application
・Robust housing that resists impact
・Smart indicator, highly-visible
・Simple setup and wiring
[New Product] Introducing a New Long-range Laser Profiler from KEYENCE!
KEYENCE is proud to announce a new ultra-long-range model with a maximum measurement width of 720 mm to its lineup of laser profilers for use with large targets. See examples of how this device solves various measurement challenges, including large targets.
The Latest Measurement Application Examples for Next-generation Automobile Manufacturers
Learn all about the latest measuring systems being used during manufacturing of next-generation automobiles. Review today’s important measurements and methods that were not possible with conventional automobile manufacturing systems.
Which Stand is Right for your Laser Marker?
When laser-marking your products it is absolutely essential to choose the right peripheral equipment to optimise marking conditions. Read more for a list of stand types categorised by application.
Using Microscopes for Electric Vehicles
Introducing the advantages of using microscopes for development and quality control of essential E-mobility components such as ECUs, inverters, batteries, and motors.
[New Product] Stable Image Inspection for Large Targets
Introducing KEYENCE’s latest image processing lighting with LumiTrax™, capable of measuring targets up to 400 mm large. Enjoy stable inspection with no effects from similar colors, noise, patterns, gloss, and other factors even during wide-field inspection.

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