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Newsletter 2020

September 14, 2020

Subject :

Latest Electric Vehicle Applications and more!

[New Material] A Must-read for Anyone Involved in In-vehicle Secondary Batteries:
Introducing the Latest Laser Displacement Sensor Inspection and Quantification Examples
Environmental regulations have placed an increased importance on batteries, and the shift from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles has resulted in an increased need for accuracy to ensure quality.
- Inline 3D inspection with laser profilers
- Thickness measurement of electrodes with laser displacement sensors
Learn about these and other new inspection methods for manufacturing high-performance products.
Examples of Laser Marking on Electric Vehicles
Amid the increasing shift toward electric vehicles, the applications that require laser marking are also changing. This document introduces examples of laser marking on electric vehicle parts such as motors, batteries, and ECUs.
Impressively Stable Detection! The Arrival of a Vision Sensor with Built-in AI
KEYENCE’s vision sensor with an ultra-compact head, which can be installed anywhere, now has built-in AI.
- Ambient light
- Target position deviation
- Differences between targets
- Changes to surface conditions
The AI automatically studies these and other such causes of incorrect detections, enabling stable detection.
Easy Barcode Data Input to PCs via USB!
No difficult settings necessary! Just use a USB communication unit to transfer the scanned barcode data to a PC. Transferring data this way drastically reduces the time and effort required to scan and input data.
Points to Know When Considering a Microscope
Introducing 10 notable points made possible with KEYENCE microscopes, essential information to keep in mind when purchasing your next microscope.
Changing QCD with Measurement Systems
The number of companies that are starting to improve their QCD as a way to acquire new work is increasing.
This document contains improvements to measurement methods and actual examples of improvements made to QCD. We hope you will take the time to read it.
Press twice and you're done!
CMOS Detection Sensor
Do-it-all with LR-Z Series
・Empowered with metallic housing
・Exellent angular characteristics
・Easy setup with a sharp laser spot
An All-in-one Lighting Solution!
Selecting the right lighting is essential to ensuring stable operation of any vision system. Learn tips for ensuring high inspection stability and discover food and pharmaceutical industry application examples with multi-spectrum lighting offering impressive all-in-one functionality.

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