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Newsletter 2020

November 09, 2020

Subject :

Time to Adapt? KEYENCE's Latest Solutions for Today's Manufacturing Issues!

The Latest Industry-specific Analysis of Static Electricity Problems!
Adhesion of foreign particles, products sticking together, clogging; the problems caused by static electricity could be harming your quality and efficiency. This guide covers the latest industry applications of KEYENCE ionizers solving problems like these and more.
Instant Measurement, Automatic Reporting, Unparalleled Accuracy. Discover The IM-7500!
With the IM Series, just place and press for instant measurement. This product reduces costs by decreasing labour requirements and leads to new orders by improving quality and reliability. See for yourself in this informative catalogue!
Discover a New Frontier in Site Safety with the SZ-V Series Laser Scanner!
The SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner is equipped with a detachable monitor unit allowing users to operate the device from a remote, convenient location, whilst the built-in camera provides real-time video visibility of the detection area.
The Expert Guide To The Latest Microscope Innovations!
Introducing 10 innovation standards made possible with KEYENCE microscopes! Essential information to keep in mind when purchasing your next microscope.
[New Release] Introducing an Ultra-long-range Model of KEYENCE’s Definitive Laser Profiler!
This is the leading edge of our laser profilers, now with the ultra-high-accuracy and ultra-high-speed needed for inline 100% inspection! The new ultra-wide-range model with a maximum measurement width of 720 mm also supports larger targets.
Re-Think Laser Marking with the State-Of-The-Art MD-X Series!
KEYENCE laser markers use a built-in inspection camera and distance sensor to perform operations which were not possible with conventional devices. See the guide for details on these latest innovations.
Flawless Code Reading Performance for Pharma, Medical and Automotive manufacturing!
This guide introduces KEYENCE’s range of easy-to-use code readers, including the latest SR-2000 model, for a variety of applications. These high-performance products solve challenges at factories and worksites in any industry.
How Multi-Spec Lighting is Transforming Vision Inspection for Food and Medical Industries!
KEYENCE vision systems increase the accuracy of appearance inspections, which can be automated with KEYENCE’s proprietary lighting systems. This guide introduces inspection examples including foreign particles in filled jelly containers and appearance during boxing products.

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