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Newsletter 2020

November 30, 2020

Subject :

Latest Electric Vehicle Applications and More!

The Latest Improvement Examples for Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing and Prototyping
When it comes to lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles, various novel processes and difficult challenges abound. Discover various solutions to such problems with this informative guide.
Micrometer-level Measurements at any Skill, Experience, or Certification Level
With KEYENCE’s IM Series, measurement is as simple as placing the target and pressing a button. Even users with no special skills, experience, or certification can obtain highly accurate micrometer-level measurements.
KAIZEN Code Reader Guide for Automotive
Solve a variety of automotive applications with the help of our unique code readers. With code verification, auto-focus and a wide-field of view, our code readers can reduce costs and drastically improve takt time.
Combine Safety & Productivity
Safety light curtain designed for any application
- Robust housing that resists impact
- Smart indicator, highly-visible
- Simple setup and wiring
A Collection of KEYENCE's Latest Difference Checking Sensors That Can Perform Management with Numeric Values
KEYENCE has released contact sensors that can perform batch management of measured data with various types of communication. Traceability can be implemented with simplified wiring.
Everything You Need to Know about Laser Marking
Lasers can be an invaluable tool across a variety of applications, but without knowing their range of capabilities it can be difficult to utilise them to their full potential. Learn about pulse oscillation and other specialised laser terminology with our quick-reference guide.
The Complete Collection of Digital Microscope Applications
This guide uses detailed installation examples to explain the advanced versatility and expandability of digital microscopes.
[New Product]
The Newest Vision System
A vision system that uses a brand-new image capturing method has been officially launched! Contour capture mode ensures stable detection of low-contrast and translucent targets. Stability is greater than ever, take a look today.

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