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Newsletter 2020

December 14, 2020

Subject :

People Cannot Believe Our Instant Measurement Devices Can Do This!

Intricate Measurement of up to 99 Parts in just 3 Seconds?
Sounds too good to be true, right?

With the IM-7000 series it really is as simple as place and press! Adept to handle unexpected production increases and quality checks, even users with no special skills, experience, or certification can easily obtain highly accurate micrometer-level measurement reports fast.
The Latest Evolution in Laser Marking Technology!
KEYENCE's new MD-X series achieves reliable marking and inspection with a single unit. Discover new advancements including full field auto-focus and more in this catalogue!
No Other Microscope Can Do This!
Have you heard of Optical Shadow Effect Mode?

This new-to-world viewing technology can be used to observe subtle scratches and surface irregularities that could not previously be seen. Download this handbook to discover this unique KEYENCE technology and see examples of its use.
Do you struggle with Stable Image Inspection on Larger Targets?
Introducing KEYENCE’s latest image processing lighting with LumiTrax™, capable of measuring targets up to 400 mm large. Enjoy stable inspection with no effects from similar colours, noise, patterns, gloss, and other factors even during wide-field inspection.
An Essential Read for Motor Manufacturing Professionals!
When it comes to motors used in electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles, inspection processes are often tedious and challenges can be intricate.

Sound familiar? This expert guide covers various solutions to such problems using the latest laser displacement technology.
SR-2000 Code Readers: Do Not Leave Traceability to Chance!
Reduce labour time and improve efficiency by automating your code reading on-site. Ultra-wide view and strong depth-of-field can be applied to any production line.

Discover how the SR-2000 is contributing to smarter automotive manufacturing in this useful guide.
The Detection Capability of this Sensor is UNMATCHED!
Besides remarkable ease of use and extreme durability, the LR-W Series offers unparalleled inspection performance. This full-spectrum detection capability includes:
- Subtle Colour Changes
- Metal targets
- Tilted targets
- Dark/Glossy targets

Find out more in this expert catalogue.
Minimise Costs in Any Situation with Contact Sensors
High-accuracy 1 μm measurement for any target is guaranteed with the GT2 Series. Say goodbye to common contact sensor problems such as:
- Scratching
- External mechanical components required
- Difficult to mount

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