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Newsletter 2021

January 18, 2021

Subject :

Make Ridiculous Time Savings with Instant Measurement!

Instant Measurements, Instant Time Saving, Instant Cost Saving!
KEYENCE’s IM-7000 Series provides instantaneous contact and non-contact measurement just by placing a target and pressing a button. It is that easy! See how you could slash downtime by switching from slower, inconsistent and complicated systems.
Continuing To Set New Standards in Digital Microscopy
There's a reason our VHX-7000 won awards for innovation this year! Discover how our latest technology is shaking up digital microscopy and where the value could lie for your company.
As the Automotive Industry Changes, as does Laser Marking
The shift toward electric vehicles continues. Also changing is the products and applications that require laser marking for traceability. Learn the main purposes and uses of laser marking and the latest trends through 22 specific application examples.
Ultra-accurate meets Ultra-long-range! KEYENCE's Definitive Laser Profiler
We have extended the capabilities of our leading-edge laser profilers to now meet larger target dimensions! With the ultra-high-accuracy and ultra-high-speed needed for inline inspection, the new ultra-wide-range model holds a max measurement width of 720mm.
The Excitement Surrounding Pattern Projection Lighting Explained
Experts are raving about this latest innovation in vision inspection lighting. Capable of 2D and 3D inspections, our visions systems can now stabilise even the most difficult visual inspections thanks to Pattern Projection Lighting. Discover how we do this through the example of electric vehicles.
Preparing You For a New Frontier in On-Site Safety
The landscape for on-site safety is changing. The SZ-V Series Safety Laser Scanner is equipped with a detachable monitor unit allowing users to operate the device from remote locations, whilst the built-in camera provides real-time video visibility of the detection area.
A Must Read For Businesses Using 2D Codes
From automobile parts to logistics delivery slips, 2D codes are used for a wide range of applications. Traceability can be a difficult thing to stay on top of, but this expert guide will make your job easier.
Modern Manufacturing Needs A Tough and Reliable Contact Sensor!
KEYENCE’s contact sensors are capable of operating in harsh environments with exposure to oil, dust, and water. Despite the ultra-compact design, the sensor is durable enough to withstand 200 million movements.

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