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Newsletter 2021

January 25, 2021

Subject :

Do Not Gamble With Worker Safety

Don't Leave On-Site Safety To Chance!
The safety of workers is more important and under more scrutiny than ever.
KEYENCE's GL-R Series Light Curtain is one of an array of products designed to put on-site safety first. It is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation in harsh conditions.
Re-Imagine Microscopy
The VHX-7000 is equipped with a 4K camera, a lens that allows large depth of field, and a stage camera that enables easy focus adjustment. All this paired with unique lighting functions, 2D/3D measurement, and the ability to be used hand-held make this a microscope unlike other microscopes...
What standard does your inspection processes set?
Does the standard of your offline inspection match the standards you want your business to be associated with? With the IM-7500, leading edge measurement is a simple as place and press - even for the most complicated measurements!
The Laser Marker Which Does the Hard Work for You
With Auto-Focus, Part Tracking and Built-In Vision, the MD-X Series will correct itself to perform accurate, quality marking on any target. Discover more in this guide or book a free demo to see for yourself!
Latest Measurement Solutions: Electric Vehicles and Power Semiconductors
This simple guide outlines reliable solutions to common issues found in manufacturing semiconductors and modules for electric vehicles. Industry professionals will know these problems all too well, see how KEYENCE technology can save you future headaches!
Pioneering New Levels for Vision Inspection
Using a brand-new image capturing method, KEYENCE vision systems are redefining what can be achieved in vision inspections! Both 2D and 3D inspections are more stable, accurate and simple to operate. See for yourself and download our catalogue.
Electric Vehicle Manufacturing: Automation, AI and Code Reading
With conventional code readers, ensuring consistency and traceability is a worry. Using electric vehicle manufacturing as an example, this guide teaches how to install AI-enabled KEYENCE code readers and utilise stable measurement for improved efficiency.
Make Static Problems History
If your manufacturing produces static, you'll know it is hard to identify the sources, manage smaller ionising devices effectively or eliminate static on larger scales. KEYENCE's bar-type ionizers make it possible to eliminate static electricity in large areas, and we will offer free on-site diagnostics.