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Newsletter 2021

February 01, 2021

Subject :

Quick Reads For Smarter Manufacturing in 2021

An Essential 5 Minute Read for Optical Microscope Users!
Do you have 5 minutes for us to tell you 8 reasons why Digital Microscopy can revolutionise your observation and measurement?
The KEYENCE VHX-7000 series can achieve things optical microscopes simply cannot. Read on to discover more!
Is 2021 the Year you Upscale your Measurement Techniques?
Looking to make 2021 your most profitable and efficient yet? A wise place to begin is with offline quality inspection. No matter what kind of difficult measurements you do, anyone can master advanced measurement techniques with the IM-7000 Series place and press technology.
Our Leading-Edge Laser Marker Just Got Smarter
Our MD-X Series Laser Marker fits seamlessly into the factory of tomorrow with cutting-edge monitoring and diagnostic tools. Discover the ability to monitor performance and conduct troubleshooting from a remote location without the need for external equipment!
New Vision Technology Shaking Up Automotive Inspection!
Automotive assembly inspections tend to be unstable due to the large number of similar-coloured metal parts. In this industry-focused case study, see how Pattern Projection Lighting along with simultaneous 2D + 3D inspection solves the problems of conventional inspections.
Ready to Upgrade your Code Reading Game?
Despite being 10x smaller, 2D codes can contain 100x more data than barcodes. To unlock their potential, you need to know the basics. That is precisely what this guide offers.
The Fastest Inline Measurement System may also be the Smartest!
With a 16000Hz sampling rate, KEYENCE's High Precision Micrometer is fastest in its class. What's more, it features unique active tilt and vibration correction technology for unparalleled stability!
Implementing Safety Sensors: Efficiency, Safety and Productivity
Safety is always of paramount importance in manufacturing, now more than ever. The Safety Support Guidebook provides the basics of safety measures, including techniques for installing safety equipment, in a practical manual.
Eliminating the Static Headache
Problems with static electricity can be a long-term headache with numerous devices needed to solve the problem. KEYENCE static eliminators provide an all-in-one solution for removing static over large areas, regardless of on-site environment!

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