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Newsletter 2021

February 08, 2021

Subject :

It's 2021 - Are You Still using Out-dated Inspection Technology?

Are you still using a Caliper, CMM or Measuring Microscope?
Do not settle for slow, inconsistent and complicated tools in 2021! The IM-7000 Series is an all-in-one device capable of measuring 99 parts in just 3 seconds - just place and press!
Digital Microscopy for Close Inspection: Where can it be Applied?
The VHX-7000 Microscope is defining the cutting edge of close inspection, but you may be curious as to where it is being applied. This guide uses industry applications of digital microscopy to explain the advanced versatility of digital microscopes.
How Laser Marking is Adapting to Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
Amid the shift toward electric in the automotive industry, the products and applications that require laser marking are changing. This comprehensive guide is a must for businesses involved in electric vehicle manufacturing with 22 of the latest applications.
Optical Micrometers: 100% In-line Inspection Technology
What could 100% Inspection mean for your manufacturing? Introducing the TM-3000. In a short read, understand why KEYENCE's Micrometer technology is industry leading and how such systems resolve conventional in-line measurement faults.
Work Smarter, Safer and More Efficiently
GL-R Safety Light Curtains epitomise the wonders of Industry 4.0. Designed with a recessed lens surface, it is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation in harsh environments. Now, complex operations between man and machine are seamless and, most importantly, safe.
Learn To Out-wit Static Electricity Problems!
Does your factor or production floor produce static? We will help you become the master! This short course from KEYENCE will enable you to:
- Identify Static Electricity Sources
- Understand the cause of Static Electricity
- Gage Methods for Effective Elimination
Accurate, Agile and Easy-to-Use Image Processing Technology
Discover how machine vision has helped to reduce costs in the manufacturing process. Examples include applications from the automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Traceability at the Heart of Industry 4.0
Code readers have a crucial role in serialisation, a key element of cohesive, smart manufacturing within industry 4.0! Browse our helpful guide to see how the latest code readers can benefit your own processes with automation capabilities and digital data sharing.