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Newsletter 2021

February 15, 2021

Subject :

Your Questions on the IM-series Metrology System Answered!

IM-Series Metrology: Your Questions Answered!
Measure over 99 parts in seconds with the push of a button? To many, it sounds too good to be true. That's why we have compiled our most common FAQs and answered them in this comprehensive read.
Curious about the Applications of Digital Microscopy? Here's 12 examples!
Digital Microscopy is undoubtedly fascinating, however manufacturers are sometimes left questioning the practical applications. This article covers actual observation examples from 12 different industries—including semiconductors, LCDs, food, and pharmaceuticals—where customers have found a new level of close inspection!
Behind the Mask... Quality Assurance with Vision Technology!
Vision systems are at the heart of quality assurance for masks and other hygiene products. With PPC in rising demand, this guide explores how KEYENCE technology is used to maintain and improve quality in various automated worksites.
Smarter Traceability with 2D Codes and Laser Marking
2D codes can hold as much information as barcodes in 1/30 of the space. The MD-X Laser Marker is tailored to enable businesses to reap the rewards of this smarter traceability. Download this free textbook for useful information on applications and tips for marking on common surfaces.
Smarter Code Reading for Enhanced Traceability (Automotive Industry)
Automatic code reading enhances productivity, production management and traceability. With growing demand for electric vehicles, the automotive industry is explored as a compelling example of how code readers have become indispensable to manufacturers.
The Top 4 Vision Sensor Roadblocks and How to Avoid them
Approximately 50% of customers have experienced problems with vision sensors, claiming that they do not work well for their individual process. This guide explores the most common customer issues and how KEYENCE technology works to bypass them.
The IV2 Series Vision Sensor with built-in AI offers superior resistance to ambient light, target differences, positioning, and other environmental factors.
Automation Solutions: Reliable Inline Thickness Measurement
The easily installable CL-3000 Series can perform high-accuracy measurements, eliminating human errors and enabling 100% management to resolve common bottlenecks in conventional measurement processes. See this guide for detailed information.
The Original All-Purpose Sensor!
Using Digital Fibre optic sensors is now easier and more stable than ever. This guide covers why fibre optic remains unmatched by other sensors for flexibility and compactness, and is suitable for any use.

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