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Newsletter 2021

February 22, 2021

Subject :

Unlocking the Fine Details in Unexpected Industries!

The Fine Details: Empowering Quality Control in Automotive with Digital Microscopy
Digital Microscopy is establishing higher quality standards as the electric vehicle industry booms.
With the award-winning VHX-7000, close inspection capabilities are industry leading. Discover how this technology is being applied today in the inspection of components such as ECUs, inverters, batteries, and motors!
Customer Testimonials: What has switching to the IM series done for you?
On the fence about KEYENCE's IM series or struggling to understand its practical value? Don't let us tell you, allow our customers! Read through actual testimonials from manufacturers who chose to adopt the IM series over conventional methods.
Our Unique LumiTrax™ Lighting now adapted for Large Targets
Lack of large scale lighting has until now hindered manufacturers from visually inspecting larger targets will full field of view. Introducing KEYENCE’s latest image processing lighting with LumiTrax™, capable of measuring targets up to 400 mm large. Find full product details here.
Finally! A Scalable Laser Profiler
Our cutting edge 2D/3D Laser Profiler range now includes an ultra-long-range model with a maximum measurement width of 720 mm. Select from a lineup designed to meet any application requirement, including larger targets from the likes of the automotive industry.
Expert Tips for Integrating your Laser Marking System!
The MD-X Hybrid Laser Marker is adept to fit seamlessly into your manufacturing processes. To achieve this, it is important to consider how to integrate the fixture to your production line. This useful guide is full of tips, examples and best practices to create optimal marking conditions.
Sensor Applications for Automotive: 4 Development Areas
This extensive guide delves into the latest measurement sensor applications for the Automotive Industry. Learn how the latest systems are being used for next-generation automobiles with handy illustrations and practical insights.
It's Time to go Automatic with Code Reading!
Reduced labour requirements, improved efficiency and higher quality traceability are just some of the benefits of automatic code reading. Discover how customers in Food, Pharma and Cosmetics are realising these advantages in their processes!
Don't choose between Safety or Productivity... Have Both!
KEYENCE's GL-R Safety Light Curtain meets the most stringent worker safety demands without sacrificing productivity. This Strong, Simple and Smart solution truly symbolises the factory of tomorrow. Discover more in this full product spec.

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