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Newsletter 2021

March 01, 2021

Subject :

The Next Chapter For Automotive and where the VHX-7000 Plays a Role

Why the VHX-7000 is the Pinnacle of Close Inspection for Electric Vehicles
When it comes to crucial components like ECU/Inverters, Batteries and Motors, any automotive engineer will confirm that quality is king. Our award-winning VHX-7000 digital microscope provides unparalleled detail, measurement and analysis functions. This guide provides an introduction into useful applications.
It's the Measurement Solution only available at KEYENCE
The IM-7000 Series Instant Measurement device is a true trailblaser. With easy place and press technology, it can do the job of up to six measurement devices in one. It's also fast, measuring up to 99 parts in just 3 seconds. Get to know the amazing IM series in this comprehensive brochure!
The Story behind Industry Leading Laser Marking
Laser marking is at the helm of traceability in modern manufacturing, with our MD-X series occupying the cutting edge of such technology. This easy-to-read guide introduces you to KEYENCE as a company, our journey within Laser Marking, and our modern-day innovative solutions.
Laser Profiler Measurement: Reliable, Accurate, Scalable!
From the intricacy of PCB inspection to capturing large automotive targets, we understand the needs of today's market lie not just in accuracy and reliability but in scalability. Explore our range of automated inline laser profiler solutions adept for almost any application.
Inline Vision Inspection with AI - Metal & Automotive Industry Spotlight
The AI-powered IV2 Series offers unprecedented detection stability. This collection of the latest application examples highlight how AI can significantly improve presence detection and differentiation to improve quality assurance.
Why Pattern Projection Lighting is causing a stir in Automotive Vision Inspection!
Vision technology is a vital part of an automotive engineers arsenal and the right lighting can uncover defects that may otherwise be missed. In this industry-focused case study, see how Pattern Projection Lighting along with simultaneous 2D + 3D inspection solves the problems of conventional inspections.
Is it time your Code Reading went Automatic?
Traceability is at the heart of the modern factory and is becoming more and more stringent. Whether you’re considering introducing a traceability system or you’re looking to improve your current system, the SR-2000 is a total-solution code reading system ready for the factories of tomorrow!
Simple, Versatile, Precise. Everything a Laser Sensor should be!
When building a smarter factory, laser sensors are integral to coordinating appliances.
The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile. Discover more here.

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