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Newsletter 2021

March 15, 2021

Subject :

Compiling Industry Examples of the VHX-7000 in action!

The Proven Value of
the VHX-7000 in the Medical, Automotive, and Semiconductor Industries
The VHX series is pushing new boundaries in delicate analysis across industries. We have compiled application examples which give detailed explanations, with photos, for 3 key industries!
An Insight into Laser Marking Installations in Battery Manufacturing
This collection of application examples explores the booming industry of rechargeable battery manufacturing. Use of laser markers is increasing in this field with this guide detailing how these devices are used to streamline traceability in various manufacturing processes.
A Whole New Approach to Thickness Measurement!
In recent years, customers who use thickness measurement systems have been asking about switching to non-contact measurement systems. In this booklet, we explain the issues with conventional approaches and the advantages of switching to non-contact measurement.
3 Key Advantages of
the IM-7000 Series
Fast. Easy. Consistent.
This guide includes essential information for those interested in increasing the number of inspection points and locations but lack the time and ability.
8 Application Examples from Automotive: All-In-One Vision Systems
To ensure stable vision system operation, selecting the right lighting is essential. Our experts have developed a guide with automotive industry application examples using multi-spectrum lighting and impressive all-in-one functionality.
Manage your Code Reading from Anywhere
Access data, check operation status and troubleshoot issues of on-site code readers remotely over the Internet. Uncover the benefits your business can achieve with efficient, stable and intelligent AI-enabled code reading.
Stronger Safety Measures with the reliability of Machine Technology
Take the first steps to understanding where machine technology can be applied to mitigate on-site risk management and improve worker safety. This guide book walks you through the basics:
• History of Safety Standards
• Organizational Diagram of Safety Standards
• Risk and Safety
• Machine Design Process (Risk Assessment)
Get Static Solved!
KEYENCE’s line up of static elimination devices makes choosing the right device for a specific application easy. We help you do the research - browse actual application examples to help you choose the ideal ionizer for your worksite!