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Newsletter 2021

March 29, 2021

Subject :

A look at building Smarter Processes with KEYENCE Technology

The Most Detailed Foreign Material Analysis
Quality is everything in manufacturing with close inspection a vital element of ensuring foreign materials are identified. Through various examples, this guide explains what methods are available for observing foreign materials using the latest digital microscope technology.
The All-In-One Solution for Low Volume, High Mix Measurement
With this kind of measurement, automation is difficult due to the low production numbers of each type of part. With IM, you can rely on a versatile measurement device that is fast, accurate and simple. Discover more detail is this guide.
Let us explain 3 ways to Add Value with Code Readers
If you work in Food, Pharmaceutical or Cosmetics, this guide succinctly explain 3 ways automatic code reading can add value to your processes. Take 5 minutes to have a read and find out what they are!
Smarter Laser Marking: Built-In Monitoring & Diagnostic Tools
The MD-X Series offers a range of monitoring functions, from predictive maintenance to cause analysis when a defect occurs, without the need for external equipment. In addition, the Web function means the status of the marking process can be monitored from a remote location.
Vision technology easing the pressure on high demand industries
The pharmaceutical industry now has more pressure on its processes than ever. See how the latest vision technology is easing the pressure by making visual inspection smarter and autonomous.
A Guide for better Height Measurements
Damaged targets, measurement errors from slanting, extensive cycle times. Sound familiar? The LJ-V7000 Series allows for fast and accurate inspection with none of these drawbacks.
Safety Technology with Seamless Process Integration
The GL-R Series light curtain provides optimum worker safety without sacrificing productivity. See how this technology fits seamlessly to on-site processes whilst solving the issues of conventional safety systems.
Streamlined Automotive Production with Laser Sensors
Laser sensors are advancing the way automotive production lines function. You may be surprised just how versatile their applications are:
- Height
- Swing
- Position
- Thickness
- Flatness
- R&D

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