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Newsletter 2021

April 06, 2021

Subject :


Introducing the New and Improved IM-8000!
We have just released the next generation of our Instant Measurement system!

With a 360° rotary unit and 20MP camera, you can now solve even more measurement applications with one device. Discover the new standard of metrology here!
Semiconductor Inspection: Never Miss A Detail
Finding the optimum viewing angle, dealing with reflective surfaces, achieving full focus, sharing findings quickly and easily. The list of problems encountered during inspection of semiconductors is extensive. Allow us to explain the ways the VHX-7000 can help!
Measurement on any Material, including transparent, mirrored and ceramic!
If the CL-3000's agility to work accurately on a wide range materials is not enough, it's easy of use may convince you! The laser displacement sensor offers high-precision measurement on all targets, with simple sensor head installation and program settings.
From Start to Finish: Analysing Laser Marker value in Battery production
Increased demand for vehicle batteries means increased strain on production rates and industry standards. This visual guide walks through the entire production process, outlining where premium laser marking can significantly add value.
5 minute read, 3 areas of value, 1 Code Reader
Our AI-enabled SR-2000 code reader is improving traceability for manufacturers across the country. This quick read guide takes the electronic device industry as an example, covering 3 key ways advanced code reading adds value!
Our Line-Up of Cutting Edge Vision Lighting Solutions
What problems do you face in vision inspection?
- Glare
- Uneven surfaces
- Colour recognition

Whatever it may be, we recommend taking at look at this simple guide to understand how our lighting solutions address common problems.
Detect Any Change in Appearance with this Sensor!
If you deal with coloured materials, you will know the difficulty of finding a reliable sensor that can differentiate accurately. The LR-W Series detects colour and intensity with superb accuracy:
- Full-Spectrum Detecting Capabilities
- 500 mm Range
- Automatic Light Power Control
Static Electricity: Invisible, Problematic, Solvable!
Adhesion of foreign particles, products sticking together, clogging; static electricity often harms quality and efficiency. This guide covers the latest industry applications of KEYENCE ionizers solving problems like these and more.