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Newsletter 2021

April 15, 2021

Subject :

New UK&I Product Release!

[NEW!] Get to know the improved IM-8000
Do you use metrology in your line of work or business? Our latest IM-8000 Image Dimension Measurement Systems are the latest in a unique range of metrology solutions from KEYENCE. Discover why it is causing such excitement in various industries.
10 Innovative Features of
the VHX-7000!
Simply explained, 10 notable things
the VHX-7000 makes possible in microscopy! If you are considering changing microscope, this offers an insight into just how disruptive KEYENCE digital microscopy is to the market.
A look at Pattern Projection Lighting in action!
Some choice case studies of our unique Pattern Projection Lighting. Discover how it enhances even the most difficult of vision inspections in the automotive industry.
Quick Read: Smarter than ever Laser Marking
An overview of the time and cost savings that come with KEYENCE's most intelligent laser market yet. Discover the impact of predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and remote monitoring.
Application Insights: Inline 3D Measurement
Stable 2D and 3D measurement for inline applications is guaranteed with the LJ-X8000. This series of application examples explores non-contact technology meeting increasingly versatile measurement needs from various industries.
An Expert's Guide to better Code Reading Practices
2D codes are used all the time in modern manufacturing however there is often a knowledge gap in optimising code reading. Therefore, our experts have compiled this accessible guide to ensure you avoid serious situations such as line delays, repeated markings, and product disposal.
A Quick Overview of Contact Sensors
A common misconception is that contact sensors cause damage and cannot be used for moving targets. As well as completely defying this preconception, KEYENCE sensors can also help reduce costs. All this info in less than two pages!
Now is an excellent time to review on-site safety
As we return to working on-site, it is a good time to check safety technology. KEYENCE's cutting edge GL-R Light Curtains promise to be Smart, Secure and Simple. Achieve productivity as well as safety.

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