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Newsletter 2021

April 26, 2021

Subject :

Instant Measurement of complex parts from ALL angles

Fast, Easy, Accurate Metrology now with 360-degree analysis built-in!
Already renowned for its speed, ease of use and accuracy, Keyence’s latest IM-8000 metrology device can offer 360-degree multi-surface quality inspection. This enables up to 300 dimensions to be acquired with exceptional image clarity, including three-dimensional parts. See what the IM-8000 can do for your on-site inspection.
Next-gen Laser Marker with Automatic Focus and Position Correction
These new functions automatically correct the laser's focus, anywhere in the marking field, and account for any deviations in the part position. This allows for stable and accurate marking on any product.
Quick and Effective High-Magnification analysis in Medical and Automotive
Introducing a collection of example uses of microscopes as standard equipment in medical equipment and automotive industry applications. Gain a clear understanding of the advantages of KEYENCE microscopes and how they are being used.
Inspections with Simultaneous 2D and 3D Image Processing!
KEYENCE is proud to introduce a vision system that rewrites the book on inline inspections! Including height data in 2D inspections dramatically stabilizes inspections by eliminating the influence of the target's surface conditions and contrast.
Easy-to-Use Vision Sensor with Built-in AI
The IV2 Series offers impressive detection stability even for first-time vision sensor users just by using one acceptable and unacceptable sample. The built-in AI eliminates variations between users through automatic optimal setting configuration.
Learn the Basics of 2D Codes!
Two-dimensional codes are indispensable tools for traceability. This booklet provides all you need to know to get started.
Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
The GL-R Series Light Curtain is designed with a recessed lens surface, securely protecting the device from any physical impact on the shop floor. It is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation in harsh environments.
Do You Perform 100% Inspection On-site?
Learn how to achieve 100% inspection easily.
The TM-3000 In-Line Micrometer measures with high accuracy even when the target is inclined and reduces cycle time through simultaneous measurement of multiple points.

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