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Newsletter 2021

May 10, 2021

Subject :

The Value behind the IM-8000’s pioneering new features

A New addition to KEYENCE’s Unique Metrology series
Stay informed with our latest product release. The IM-8000 continues to push the boundaries of modern metrology including exciting new features such as:
- 360° Rotary Unit
- 20-megapixel CMOS
- New algorithm for stable edge detection
Customer’s Voice: Profit Improvement with Digital Microscopes
We asked customers how digital microscopes changed their operations. See what they had to say with these detailed examples of solutions made possible with a KEYENCE microscope.
The Impact of Laser Markers for Electronic Components Manufacturers
When developing increasingly intricate products, laser markers must meet the demand for more detailed, damage-free marking. This collection features the latest examples of laser markers being used for a variety of electronic products.
Reduce Costs with a Vision System – Guides tailored by Industry
See how vision systems are being used to help reduce costs in a wide variety of industries. Click the link and choose the guide most appropriate to your industry sector. A must-read for anyone looking to decrease costs!
A Low-cost Sensor that does it all
Let this guide explain why you need this Sensor! KEYENCE sensors are designed to help solve common differentiation and detection problems. See how this technology can eliminate false positives and ensure stable inspection.
Super Versatile Inline Measurement! Examples of our Coaxial Laser Displacement Sensor in action
Conventional non-contact laser displacement sensors may not provide accurate measurement for some materials.
Our CL Series, however, is a confocal displacement sensor that can be used with any material. See how the CL Series is being put to use in the field today.
Business Logistics and the benefits of Automated Code Reading
Logistics centers face a growing need for automation to meet delivery volumes. In this simple guide, browse code reading automation examples from across the logistics industry to understand its value.
Stable Detections regardless of colour, material or finish!
Do you produce items of differing colour, material, finish, brightness, or shape? Few sensors can consistently differentiate between such items at high volumes. Introducing a full-spectrum sensor that enables stable detection of targets that are difficult to detect with conventional models.