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Newsletter 2021

May 17, 2021

Subject :

A solution to slash your measurement times!

NEW Capabilities: Dimensional Measurement in as Little as One Second!
Just one of several new features of the IM-8000 is the ability to get instant measurement just by placing the parts on the stage. This, paired with 360-degree measurement capability, an ultra-high resolution camera and exceptional edge detection, makes KEYENCE's latest advancement in Metrology so noteworthy.
The Uses of Digital Microscopes across every Industry
This guide takes you through multiple industries looking at application examples of digital microscopy. Do you work in one of the following sectors? If so, this is worth a read.
- Automotive
- Oil & Gas
- Medical Device
- Semiconductor
- Battery
- Printing
Have you considered Laser Marking as a cost-saving area?
Being savvy in selecting the right laser marking solution can save businesses a considerable amount of money. KEYENCE is so confident about this, we have produced a guide explaining where and how our solutions provide world class marking whilst proving cost-effective!
Food Inspection: Measurement technology raising product Quality Standards
For producers of food, KEYENCE boasts an extensive range of measurement solutions for regulating product and packaging quality. This easy-to-read guide covers various applications which have dramatically improved quality, speed and efficiency in production.
Helpful guide for finding the right Vision System
Deciding which vision system is right for your needs can be complicated without the proper guidance. This guide concentrates knowledge from industry leaders in how to select cameras, lenses and lighting perfect for you.
Save Energy, Stop Static!
Many will know the issues surrounding the presence of static in manufacturing. Did you know our solutions not only remove static but also save energy? Discover how to go greener whilst creating more efficient production conditions!
29 Sensors to Improve your Automotive Manufacturing!
KAIZEN is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improve operations. Mobilising this philosophy, KEYENCE has produced this valuable guide outlining how our sensor solutions can improve the way you manufacture. The focus of this edition, Automotive.
Traceability & Risk Reduction through Code Reading
This guide focuses on Medical, Pharma and Cosmetics in analysing the benefits of actual 1D/2D code reading examples. Discover where code reading standards have mattered to meeting traceability standards and mitigating the risk of faulty batches.