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Newsletter 2021

August 02, 2021

Subject :

How to make the right technology choices

[NEW] Machine Safety Made Simple with Smart Interlock Switches
After little to no innovation from current manufacturers in the last decade, KEYENCE has stepped up to bring safety door switches into the 21st century.
- Intuitive Design
- Versatile Mounting
- Seamless System Integration
Grow your reputation with better Traceability!
As supply chains become more globalised and complex, it is important to have effective traceability in place in the event of product recall or your manufacturing called into question.
Secrets behind leading R&D Facilities
How do the best renowned research facilities build such a reputation? They see more. Discover how digital microscopy is aiding cutting-edge R&D by transcending the limits of vision.
Triple the detection performance with no expertise required?
Yes, you read that correctly! The IM-8000 measures up to 300 dimensions on up to 99 parts in seconds, now with 3x the detection capability. The only expertise you need is pushing a button!
But what kind of measurement do we need?!
For effective manufacturing, inline measurement must be fast, precise and easy. The range of measurement solutions available can seem endless. Luckily, we are experts in inline measurement and are on-hand to find the right solution for you!
2D Codes are here to stay
Storing a larger amount of data in a smaller space, 2D codes are now the most popular choice for product/part marking. If you do not use them yet, this guide is an excellent starting point.
New Machine Vision approaches: Automotive
This guide uses application examples from automotive manufacturers to help you visualise the advantages of advanced lighting techniques. Take a look and understand the value for yourself!
The rise of 5G and how to prepare
5G components are increasingly in-demand for electronic devices. This expert guide has the information and suggestions required to excel in this new era.