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Newsletter 2021

August 16, 2021

Subject :

BOLD statements on our Technology (We back them up!)

The capabilities of 4 Microscopes in 1!
Ever wish you could take the best features of different solutions and fuse them together? That is exactly what the VHX-7000 Digital Microscope has achieved. This is a bold claim but see for yourself and you'll understand why!
We are building a New Era for Metrology!
The IM-8000 is a unique metrology solution built for speed, ease and accuracy. It does the job of 6 devices in 1 and is so intuitive that no technical training is required to operate successfully. It truly is a new era.
Changing the Game for Machine Safety [NEW]
The new GS Series safety interlock switches really bring the product category into the 21st century. See what makes this latest innovation so special here.
Smart Laser Markers that Save You Money!
Upgrading to Laser Marking can be a big step to take. Allow us to explain how it pays dividends in the long run with regards to quality, efficiency, traceability and, most importantly, money-saving!
Saving the Planet with Ionisers
Static electricity is a massive hindrance to efficient manufacturing - if you know, you know! What you may not realise is conventional methods of dealing with it use huge amounts of energy. It does not have to be this way!
The World's Fastest inline Measurement!
The world’s fastest 64-kHz LJ-X8000 Series can measure the profiles of products moving at high speeds without missing a single defect. That's the best efficiency with the upmost reliability!
The Most Intuitive Machine Vision available!
Don't take our word for it, hear from those on the shop floor! Our range of Machine Vision solutions are internationally recognised for their performance and ease-of-use.
2x More Effective than other Code Readers!
This is not opinion-based, this is performance-based! Discover how the super smart SR-2000 outperforms against conventional systems whilst also offering easy installation and remote monitoring.