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Newsletter 2021

August 31, 2021

Subject :

Beat your competition with cutting-edge solutions!

Microscopy is giving Automotive a head start!
Automotive is an industry where the little differences really matter. That is why progressive companies are using digital microscopes to advance their analysis. Check out this guide with real analysis examples!
Usage Examples: The Best of a CMM and Shadowgraph in one!
The IM-8000 is an outstanding combination of several metrology systems in one. Take a look at a few examples where the IM proves to be the effective, efficient solution for high-accuracy part inspection.
16 Examples of Laser Marker success stories!
Browse various laser marker application examples organised by industry. These include tips and tricks for improving processes from automotive to electronic device to food and pharmaceutical.
[NEW] A leap forward in machine safety!
GS Series interlock switches combine intuitive design, versatile mounting and seamless integration to achieve the top safety standards with ease. Discover KEYENCE's latest innovation here.
Machine Vision functions based on Customer Feedback!
Hear the voices from the work floor which have inspired us to make our vision systems increasingly advanced yet easy to use for our customers. It is truly customer-first innovation!
Get to Know... Displacement Sensors!
No matter the industry, displacement sensors are the future of automatic measurement. Using expertise built across years of providing industry-leading solutions, this guide introduces how to measure using displacement sensors!
Not using 2D Codes? Start here
2D codes are increasingly used for the volume of data they store in a small area. If you are yet to switch to 2D codes, our experts have compiled this accessible guide to ensure you are aware of the basics!
Reduce costs by Eliminating Static!
Static can cause significant problems to manufacturing processes. Take a look at the cost saving benefits available with our static elimination technology, focusing on the automotive and electronics industries.