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Newsletter 2021

September 27, 2021

Subject :

New Products, R&D Advice, Customer Q&As and more!!

[New Product!] Telecentric Measurement = Guaranteed Accuracy
Recently, inline 100% inspection has become a staple of manufacturing. With our latest innovation, the TM-X5000 Series, telecentric measurement provides fast and accurate measurement by capturing the silhouette of a target as it moves along production.
3 Key Tips for better Inspection and R&D!
Digital microscopy opens doors by making the invisible visible. Here, we outline three crucial aspect of our award winning VHX-7000 Series system which is enabling customers to reach new heights of efficiency, innovation and quality!
A Q&A with IM-8000 users!
The IM is a unique metrology solution combining the best of products such as Shadowgraphs and CMMs in one. Hear from those who have switched from traditional tools to the IM-8000 and discover what they have to say!
Revolutionary Vision Systems with Ultra-high-resolution Cameras
KEYENCE’s ultra-high-resolution cameras are designed to meet the increasingly varied needs of users. These cameras offer more pixels and higher transfer speeds for solving various vision system problems.
Predictive Maintenance & Troubleshooting with our Laser Markers!
When it comes to marking, a number of factors could lead to problems, making it difficult to immediately find the cause or prevent it in advance. There is an increasing need for predictive maintenance to prevent problems by monitoring the status of equipment. Introducing the MD-X Series Laser Marker!
Key Code Reading Applications for Electric Vehicle Manufacturing
For key components such as battery, motor and inverter, code reading and traceability are of huge importance. This guide breaks down the key technologies KEYENCE is using to add value and application examples to demonstrate this value.
Expert solutions for Metal Processing
Do you work with metal components or process metallic elements on site? Take a look through this guide for inspiration in ways in which you may be able to improve quality checking, yield efficiency and/or cost saving.
Safety and Automation Sensors: Check out our Renowned Line-Up!
When it comes to facilitating factory automation and keeping on-site engineers safe around dangerous machinery, KEYENCE has developed an excellent reputation worldwide. Take a look at our full line up here - could your business benefit from our products?