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Newsletter 2021

October 11, 2021

Subject :

Could this be the latest upgrade to your inline inspection?

[NEW] Could this be the latest upgrade to your inline inspection?
Our latest product to be released in the UK&I is the TM-X5000 Telecentric Measurement system. This innovation is dedicated to fast and accurate inline measurement through silhouette-based analysis. Curious to learn more? Download the brochure here.
Case Study: Helping uncover secrets of Ancient Egypt!
The University of Liverpool has drastically improved their analysis capabilities since investing in a VHX-7000 Digital Microscope. Discover in this short case study how it has already been utilised on several key projects!
Part Inspection with All Angles Covered
The new IM-8000 is a powerful metrology solution, perfect for those who perform quality checks or batch inspections. Perform quick dimensional inspections, significantly increase efficiency and cover all angles of a part in one click with our new rotary unit!
How Laser Marking fits into Factory Digitisation?
Our latest MD-X Series Laser Marker is our smartest yet with features such as integrated troubleshooting and predictive maintenance. However, did you know our laser markers are also adept to factory digital transformation? If this is something you are focusing on, this is a must read.
Top tips: Vision inspection for Medical and Pharma
KEYENCE’s ultra-high-resolution cameras are designed to meet the increasingly varied needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Here, our experts have developed tips and suggestions for optimal vision system deployment in light of current trends.
Traceability, Traceability, Traceability!
Emphasis on effective traceability is as pertinent as ever! As the only supplier of both laser marking and code reading products it is worth having this useful guide to hand if traceability is something you are looking to improve going forwards.
Simple, Versatile, Precise. Everything a Laser Sensor should be!
When building a smarter factory, laser sensors are integral to coordinating appliances.
The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile. Discover more here.
Visualize Static Electricity with a Handheld Static Electricity Measurement System
The SK Series not only quantifies static electricity but also makes the static electricity environment visible. This makes collecting data and determining the cause of static electricity problems easy.