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Newsletter 2022

February 28, 2022

Subject :

The Products you need for Smarter Automation!

3 Reasons to Switch to Inline Measurement!
Discover the advantages of adopting non-contact inline 100% inspections—from improving efficiency and yield rates to reducing costs.
How does the VHX-7000 compare to your Microscope?
KEYENCE’s latest Digital Microscope offers high-resolution observation that rivals that of an SEM. View the catalogue to see how
the VHX-7000 combines the benefits of multiple microscopes in one.
Helping Solve Dimension Inspection Personnel Shortages
With the IM-8000 Series, high-accuracy measurement is as simple as placing a target and pressing a button, making it easy for anyone to carry out accurate measurements regardless of skill level.
Smart and Reliable Safety Solutions!
As we return to working on-site, it is a good time to review on-site safety technology. KEYENCE's cutting edge GL-R Light Curtains promise to be Smart, Secure and Simple. Achieve productivity as well as safety.
Essential Guide for 2D Codes
Regardless of industry, 2D codes are commonly used for managing products and recording information. This booklet offers key information on code types and structures that can be put to use in your operations.
Discover a New Generation of Laser Markers
KEYENCE has released Laser Markers that can manage and utilize marking data. See examples of data analysis and process management that can help improve factory DX.
Character Recognition Examples for Vision Systems
Ever had trouble inspecting characters or reading codes with a Vision System? This collection of setting tips can help solve a variety of issues.
A Versatile Vision Sensor with Built-In AI
The IV2 Series ensures stable detection simply by registering acceptable and non-acceptable samples. The built-in AI can then accurately perform detection and differentiation for easy use by anyone.