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Newsletter 2022

April 25, 2022

Subject :

The Next Step for Sensor Management

Simplify Sensor Data Transmissions with IO-Link Communication Modules
Take advantage of complete sensor data transmission, one simple connection unlocks vast amounts of device data and control.
• Significantly reduce wiring time with easy connections.
• Centralize sensor information for quickly identifying the cause of problems.
4 in 1 Digital Microscope
This single system provides all the functions and benefits of different microscope types. The result is a system that seamlessly provides observation of fine targets, highly accurate measurement, and everything in between.
Enhancing the Quality of Electric Vehicles with Vision Systems
Inverters and ECUs are essential components of electric vehicles, and inspections of these components are essential for maintaining product quality. See how vision systems are being used for these inspections in various manufacturing applications.
Introducing an Image Dimension Measurement System That Can Also Perform Contact Measurement
The IM-8000 Series supports a wide range of contact and non-contact measurements, so it can even measure features that are challenging to handle with image measurement alone.
Example Code Applications in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries
Are you considering introducing traceability management using codes? Learn the key points for ensuring success in everything from installation to stable operation.
Achieve Stable Detection at Any Angle!
Equipped with a function that automatically differentiates targets according to their glossiness and material, these sensors can be installed at an angle, allowing for stable detection even when installation space is limited.
Stable Inline, 100% Inspections with Image-based Analysis
KEYENCE’s TM-X5000 Series adopts a highly stable measurement principle to ensure stable 100% inspection, from inline dimensional measurements to foreign particle inspection. Learn all about this latest product release!
Laser Marker and 2D Code Reader Application Examples
Marking and reading codes are essential steps in the manufacturing process. Want to find out how KEYENCE can help? View the application examples in this guide.